Saturday, December 06, 2014

Things I am not

• Door mat
• Maid
• Ornament

Saturday, August 23, 2014

I'm so upset I'm shaking. I'm not a punching bag. You want someone to talk to, I'm your gal. You want someone to listen, I can do that too. But don't expect me to be the person to take in all your anger cause you have no other way to dispel of it. Your problems are not my fault. I'm sorry your day sucked but please don't take it out on me.

Friday, August 15, 2014


Today has been a super busy day and it isn't over yet. I somehow ended up with 4 cake orders all to be delivered back to back. All because I can't say no. A simple no would've saved me a whole lot of trouble. okay, not trouble but work. Ari is still small and requires a lot of attention, thus I can only work when she's asleep or occupied.

Well, no point complaining. The good news is, two cakes have been delivered, the not so good news, I still need to bake two more cakes. Gonna take it all in stride. Insya'Allah, all will be well.

One of the cakes is a storm trooper helmet. That turned out quite nice, despite my miscalculation in fondant placement. Hopefully, the customer is happy with her order

Tomorrow's cake is a hello kitty cake for Effi and a simple rectangle one for Acik. Can't wait to cross those off my list. Then I can finally enjoy the weekend.

Well, I should sleep if I plan on waking up at 4 am to start work. Will close with pictures of the cakes I made today.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Iliya says the darnedest things

Me: take the icing sugar and put it under the table.
Iliya: it's heavy!
Me: come on, it's not THAT heavy. Your books are heavy.
Iliya: Cause it has a lot of knowledge!
Me: -_-"

Two post in a row! This girl is on fire.

I've just finished ironing a gazillion articles of clothing, showered and prayed and I am finally in bed.

Given all the wonderful things mankind has managed to achieve, you'd think they would've come up with a machine that irons for you by now. Obviously they've got their priorities wrong. Less iRobot more ironing-machine please, thanks.

I also managed to iron and hang the husbands anniversary gift where he'll see it. On the door knob of the wardrobe. Hard to miss, hopefully he'll love it.

Something I found coincidental while ironing, (ironing leaves with you a lot of time to ponder and think, just like the other activity) Iliya asked me what blogging was in the car this evening. I explained to her what it was and thought about how long it's been since I last blogged. Little did I know that I'd be posting two posts in a row tonight.

Time to call it a night. Wouldn't wanna use up all my blogging mojo in one night and go silent for another 3 years now would I?

Old habits

So I've decided to blog again. Mainly cause blogging is a way for me to say what I feel. Often times I find myself editing what I want to say just so I don't hurt anyone's feelings. Over here, I can say what I want (most of it) without prejudice cause no one knows this blog exists lol.

So a quick recap on what has happened:

• I had a miscarriage
• we bought our first house
• I got pregnant
• I have a 3 kids now
• I'm 3 yrs older
• I've been married 10 yrs today!

Nothing much has changed otherwise.

This shall suffice for now. Be back soon. (I hope)

Will end with a photo of my three monkeys

Friday, August 12, 2011


I just finished reading keeping faith by Jodi picoult. It started of as an okay read. It was very heavy on religion and that sort of caused some disinterest for me.

But halfway through the book, they started developing a romance plot for the main characters and it was then that I got sucked into the book. So much so that it was partially to blame for my sleepless night last night.

Needless to say, I've finished reading the book and I now feel somewhat empty.

This is the problem with me unfortunately. Reading for me is both pleasurable and torturous all at the same time. The former because I usually really get into the story and start feeling as I am with the characters or I'm one of them. This is also exactly the reason for the latter.

I start imagining myself as being the one in love. As of right now, I'm missing Ian Fletcher. The love interest in the book. I even 'stalked' him in an appearance he made in one of Jodi Picoult's later books.

I have a feeling this is rather unhealthy. I have an urge to reread the book just to revisit Ian but at the same time I feel I shouldn't cause I need my mind to get back to real life. It's currently stuck in perfect romance mode. Smooth guy, always saying the right thing.

I wonder if anyone ever feels this way? I wouldn't be surprised if no one else didn't though. I know I'm a little weird.

I guess, it's the same thing with the many ladies swooning over the charms of Seth Tan couple of months back.

A few years back I read Bridget Jone's Diary and started behaving weird to my husband cause I was so 'into character'.

I just hope my mind returns soon. Till then, I'll just stay away from iBooks for a while. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Handmade iPad stylus

My SigOth (significant other) gave me an iPad 2 for mother's day. It has been in my possession for about 4 days now. One of the apps I love for the iPad is penultimate. I love being able to sketch ideas. Unfortunately, I hate using my finger because it's hard to translate my drawings with my finger. So I was on the lookout for a stylus.

Yesterday, while at lowyat shopping for SigOth's computer bag, I spied a stylus from kensington, meant for the iPad. It was RM79.80. We decided a little too late that we should buy it, so we didn't. I did however make a mental note of it so we could get it some time in the future.

Fast forward to later that night, as I was lying awake in bed buzzed from too much coffee and bubble tea, I decided to ask google if he knew how to make a stylus for the iPad. Lo-behold, a slew of tutes came up. But most of it called for conductive foam, which can be found in computer chips packaging. Unfortunately, I don't have any lying around at home. I soon found out that what I needed was conductive surface to get my inputs to the iPad.

I tried various mediums, from aluminium foil to playdoh. They all worked but didn't work well enough. Then SigOth told me about using 3M sponges. It seemed like a good solution but that would mean having to get it from a shop as we didn't have any at home. Annoyed, but excited I went to bed at 5 a.m. Got my sponge today and made several styluses for use. They work great! So I decided to write a tutorial for my friends that want to make their own too.

The stylus I made for SigOth.

The stylus I made for myself.

Enough rambling. So are you ready to make your own? Well here goes!

To make the stylus you will need:

An empty pen/mechanical pencil barrel. It would be better if it was metal or aluminum
A scotchbrite 3M sponge. Blue or yellow.
Metal/copper wire

Once you have gathered all your material, you're ready to start.

This is what the sponges look like. They can be found in the cleaning department of the supermarket. The top sponge is yellow in color. The bottom one is blue. They both work but I prefer the blue one. I explain why below. Please remember that you're only suppose to cut the soft spongy part. The green scouring pad is not used.

First thing you need to do is unscrew the pen to expose an opening so you can stuff the foam in. In the picture above, you'll notice 2 types of pens. One of them is a regular ballpoint pen. It has a metal barrel. The other is a shaffer (sp?) refill. Both worked fine. I decided to use the bottom half of the ballpoint pen as my stylus body. The black body with the little blue stub is my completed stylus. The beauty of this is that you can use both halves of the pen to make styluses. You can then give one to someone else!

If you don't have a conductive barrel, you can still make do with a plastic one. But there is an extra step you need to take to ensure that your stylus works.

You will need to wind some wire around one end of the foam before stuffing it into the pen opening. The wire then needs to be wound around the outer body of the barrel so that it comes in contact with your hand when you are holding the stylus.

The picture above shows the wire already wound on a piece of foam.

The next step is to push the foam into the pen opening. It would be best if the foam were bigger than the opening so that it will fit snugly into the pen and not shift as much.

If you're using a plastic barrel, you should then wind the wire around the pen like the picture above.

You can choose to trim the foam till it is nicely shaped or leave it as is. Either way, it'll work fine.

Your stylus is now ready to use!

Super easy and cheap too! Thank god I didn't buy the stylus yesterday. If the foam dries out, (I'm not sure if it will) just replace it with another piece.

Some personal notes: I bought two types of foam. Yellow and blue. I found that I prefer the blue one because it was less 'wet'. It seems the foam has some sort of liquid on it. I guess this is what makes the foam conductive.

I also would suggest that you go out and get yourself an aluminum mechanical pencil as a barrel cause it just makes the thing look better. The wire isn't really a pretty sight and it's a little wobbly when used.

That's all I can think of right now. I hope this has helped. Enjoy your new stylus!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Growing up

It's 2:30 a.m. and I'm at the computer cleaning up iPhoto when I hear the boy stir and starts to cry. I head over to the bed to feed him. I then start to cry.


For the past couple of nights, my heart has been weighed down by thoughts of the kids growing up, and me missing how they are now. My heart starts to ache when I realize that these moments right now are fleeting and before I know it, they'll be adults, living their lives as they should.

It may seem strange to some people, how much it saddens me to see them grow up. A part of me wants to hold on to their childhood. I know growing up is part of life, but that part of me refuses to accept it. I wish there was a way to freeze time. Freeze moments in their life so that I could revisit them when they're all grown up. I find myself feeling melancholic and knowing that I'll miss the way the boy smells when he's sleeping next to me, the way the girl asks her thousands of questions, the way they play together.

I remember when Iliya was younger, how I wish she would grow up faster, so we could do things together. I couldn't wait for her to be bigger. These days, I find myself wishing the exact opposite. I am thankful however that the boy seems to be growing at a much slower pace. I seem to be experiencing more with him, than I ever remembered with Iliya. With Iliya, she seemed to grow up at blazing speed, and before I knew it, she's this smart, inquisitive, willful 4 year old.

I have no sane explanation for this odd behavior of mine. I hate thinking about the future, and the subject of death almost always brings tears to my eyes. I dread the day when my loved ones pass on. Even as I am typing this I have tears streaming down my face. Why am I such a mess?

I wonder if anyone out there feels the way I do. Or am I the odd one out? Either way, all I can do is pray to god to grant me the strength to accept such inevitability and not be so damn emotional about it. I pray that I can embrace their growing up instead of dreading it. I pray that I live everyday to its fullest and not miss out on their lives so that I won't regret it in the future.